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Founded in 1924, Carter, Milchman & Frank, Inc. has consistently provided exemplary service to thousands of domestic and international customers for more than 80 years.  Today, this proud tradition continues as we strive to constantly fulfill all client requests and exceed expectations.


CMF specializes in the distribution of Industrial Supplies – Shop Equipment, Power and Hand Tools, Material Handling Equipment, and Industrial Hardware.  Because we are a Master Distributor, however, our offerings are not limited to the aforementioned items; we represent hundreds of hardware, tool, and supply firms and during a typical year will source from over 1,000 different firms.


Housed in a 25,000 square foot warehouse facility with three loading bays, centrally located in New York City, CM&F has the space to receive, check and repackage all material for our customers.  A separate receiving department receives checks and marks all incoming freight to confirm accuracy.  CM&F personnel do all packing, skidding and crating on the premises in order to meet customers shipping requirements.  Our location in New York is 10 minutes from LaGuardia Airport and 25 minutes from JFK International Airport.  Our fleet of trucks allows us to deliver in the New York, New Jersey metropolitan area everyday.


We take pride in procuring complex, discontinued, and hard-to-get items; our highly trained and dedicated staff members are extremely customer focused and will work with members of your organization to tailor our procedures in accordance with your specific requirements and needs.


Our comprehensive group of manufacturers and considerable experience in the field of general industrial procurement combine to provide clients a source to meet a variety of needs.  An adjoining warehouse facility with a large, customer-adjusted inventory, packing facilities, and fleet of trucks allow Carter, Milchman & Frank, Inc. to provide superior responsiveness and service.  With a new onsite machine shop and engineering staff, to assist clients in devising prompt and economical solutions to specific needs, we are able to take instantaneous action during emergency situations.


These are just a few of the benefits that CMF can provide to your organization.  A sales associate can provide a more detailed description of specific services and products.  Thank you for your interest in our firm, I am positive that we can help deliver superior service to your organization and satisfy all of your needs in a timely and efficient manner.  If you have additional questions, or would like a more comprehensive overview, please call us at 718.361.2300 or email at we would be happy to discuss any particular assistance we can provide.


All of us at Carter, Milchman & Frank, Inc. look forward to hearing from you and are excited about working together in the future.





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